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“Hi, I’m Mila!

I am an embodiment guide, a sensual dance teacher and a feminine empowerment mentor and I’m wildly passionate about guiding people back home to their bodies. To evoke that connection to their erotic innocence, playfulness and their life energy. Dancing is my tool. It’s such a powerful medicine. Because your body knows! Your body remembers how it feels to be totally ALIVE.  Getting that juicy life energy to flow freely and helping you to feel more free in your body & movement. That’s my thing.

So a bit more about myself. A keyword in my journey so far, is ‘Trust’. When I quit university, because it just didn’t enchant me as much as the shaman’s teachings, I felt that although I was seemingly giving up on ‘safety’, I would be supported in my choices. Something would have my back. And my experience is that that has always been so true. I’ve learned that finding my soul’s purpose, started by doing the things I love. Things that might seem so small and insignificant. Just following my excitement!
      When I was sixteen I saw a group of people dancing salsa. The rhythmical music made me so happy, I just couldn’t stop watching this dance and moving my hips. Something about it, the sensuality, the polarity play between man and woman, just mesmerized me completely. I wanted to dive in right there and then, swaying my hips, whipping my hair and being led by a gorgeous man. I see now that I discovered in that moment that I’m totally fascinated by sensuality, polarity and embodiment. After I quit university, I’ve always found teachers that inspired me deeply. Even though I didn’t always know how it would all come together at one point, in some sort of job, my soul was yearning for this knowledge, so I dove right in.
       I’ve dwelled in the realms of shamanism, tantra, feminine wisdom, the archetypes,  psychology, relationship- dynamics and different styles of sensual dance. Right now I’m totally fascinated by human design, the teachings of Pilar Marie Lesko and how to flow through life as a Projector.
In my work as a female empowerment / sensual dance teacher all these teachings are coming together. It’s like a playground to me, combining all this luscious, mystical and energizing wisdom and sharing it with other women. 
What I keep on coming back to is just the simple yet ever evolving practice of being present in my body and learning to accept all parts of myself, also the shadow sides. Being human! Learning to dance with those totally uncomfortable feelings as well as the ecstatic joy explosions and the naked voulnerable moments. Because I feel very much at ease with releasing my wild side, I can hold space for others to discover this as well.”

Dancing with Mila is 

Liberating, playful and fun. It will help you to get in touch with your sensual side in new ways. It can be awkward and new, raw and wild and sweet and deeply nourishing. It’s an opportunity to get to know your body on a deeper level, so you can own your pleasure and connect to your deepest desires. In the essence it’s embracing all aspects of your femininity, so your sexual energy is free to flow through you in a natural way.

The dance journey was such an activating experience for me. I was able to get to this place in my dancing that I don’t know that I’ve accessed before. Witchy, animalistic, primal. I just had this massive release through movement that I haven’t experienced before, so it was super profound. 
There’s this beautiful sweetness about your energy that it just feels really safe, nurturing and comforting. It makes is that much easier to 
fully allow myself to surrender to the movement and really get into it. You holding space in that way was what allowed me to get into these parts of myself. It felt like an archetypal goddess energy rather than sexual movement for sexual sake, or dancing for an audience. It felt more like dancing for ME. And doing it through Zoom was great, turning my camera off helped me to feel the privacy I needed to dig into deeper levels of the journey. It was really powerful!

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Other sides of me

Fun facts

☆ Human design: Splenic Projector / 5-1 / Root & Spleen defined
☆ Love to climb trees & hug animals (especially pigs)
☆ In paradise when galloping on a horse in wild nature
☆ Mother of a daughter (2) called Lóa and bonusmama of Huub (15)
☆ Lover & partner of Johan, my rock.
☆ Becoming a mother is the BEST thing that ever happened to me.