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When I discovered Archetype dance a few years ago, it felt like coming home. I had been doing lots of women’s work & was always attracted to ’the Feminine’. But I also missed something in a lot of these workshops & teachings. Lots of skirts, yoni eggs, heart-opening, shakti dances, goddess- dresses (I even sold those haha), eye-gazing, softly touching, heart melting, LOVE & LIGHTness.

I’ll give you an example: At the Tantra Festival my man and I went to once, we separated for one day. The women joined together and got workshops about the Feminine. But after half a day of connecting to our womb, staring in each others eyes, connecting even móre to our womb and our heart, holding each others hands, while gently swaying our hips & celebrating our sisterhood… I got sick of it. I didn’t feel it. The urge to ROAR, crawl over the floor, kick, jump and SCREAM it out got so strong that I decided to leave and connect to the Feminine the way I liked it. I released my roars, kicks & crazy monkey dances in our bedroom, went to the beautiful welcoming sea and dove right in. What a relief! The rest of the day I enjoyed the beach, the sea, and later my man, who had also escaped the Men’s workshops.
It had felt like my inner Wild Woman was screaming and kicking inside of me: “HEY!!! I WANT TO JOIN THE PARTY TOO!! Helloooooo! Why am I being left out!?!?”
When the loving, open-hearted Maiden energy isn’t balanced by the raw & real power of Wild Woman, it often feels sticky & fake to me. Like a heart floating somewhere in the Universe, sooo connected to the stars & the Light, but without legs, feet in the dirt, and roots, deep in the earth.

During my first encounter with the Archetypes, in a workshop, I finally felt that ALL parts of me were joining. My Wild Woman came out big time and that felt soooo freaking good! Realness! Raw unapologetic power! Spitting, shaking, scratching, squeeking witchiness. The Dark was finally welcome too. And when Wild Woman is invited, the Maiden feels much more REAL & rooted. No fake smiling politeness, but deeply seeing the other women. Seeing ALL of them. That instantly opens up my heart. The connection was deep immediately. It just feels safe to see a woman showing all of herself. No surprises, this is it! My system can deeply trust & relax when I’m in a space with women who just showed up with their rage, tears, roars, ugly faces ánd sexiness. The whole shabang!
That’s when that authentic & unique vibe starts to emanate from someone. That lively sparkle in the eyes. And that’s why I’m so passionate about working with the Archetypes. It’s like they help us to come home to ourselves. To come home to our inner spark, our vibrant soul.

Rooted, Authentic, Alive.