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burlesque workshop

Burlesque Workshop
Sparkle & SHINE!

☆ December 19th ☆ 19:30 – 21:50 ☆ Theater de Nieuwe Regentes ☆ Kleine zaal
(Same theatre, different studio!)

Welcome to the world of Burlesque!
A world full of glitters, feathers, heels, corsets & sparkles. Your inner DIVA will come out before you know it!
There’s no playing small here, it’s time to celebrate ALL of you.

This workshop is for men and women, because I know there are men out there who’d LOVE to try some Boylesque. If you like to dress up and dive into the world of glitter, you’re welcome!

€30,- pp
€50,- if you bring your friend

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About Burlesque
“The Art of Tease”

 You might have seen the movie ‘Burlesque’. This gives you a taste of it, but in my opinion it’s much more than skinny showgirls on stage. What I LOVE about Burlesque is that it celebrates ALL bodies. Female, male, transgender, crossgender, voloptuous, ginger, small, different, queer..   Everyone is welcome!

 When you go to a Burlesque show you will see that it’s such a creative art, an expression of uniqueness! Every performer has it’s own style, flavour and shine. Some dancers are comics, some are classic diva’s, others are real powerhouses.
The thing that all performers have in common, is that they know the Art of Tease.

 “It’s not about seducing men, it’s about embracing womanhood.”
Dita von Teese.

 This quote says it all. This artform celebrates womanhood in all it’s forms. You don’t dance Burlesque for someone else, you do it because you want to show everyone how much you love yourself!
In a world where girls are taught to be polite and sweet, it’s such a liberation to claim your stage and step into the spotlights.


 The Workshop
We will start with dressing up!

You’re welcome in my Boudoir full of corsets, hats, dresses, skirts and glittery gloves, to dress up as the Burlesque Queen you are.   

 On classical and modern Burlesque music, we will explore the Art of Tease…
We’ll dance and shine & bump and grind our way to the spotlight!

 Workshop Ingredients:
✰ Glitter & Sparkles
✰ Dressing up
✰ Feathers
✰ Improvisation
✰ Feminine Empowerment
✰ Teasing
✰ New dance moves
✰ Entertaining
✰ Liberation
✰ FUN!

 What to bring?
✰ Heels – but no stiletto’s.
(The floor can only handle heels a bit thicker, or dance shoes, if you don’t have them you can dance on socks too)
✰ Your most glittery & shiny clothes, lingerie, props and costume.
You can also switch gender and bring your man’s suit & hat.
✰ If you like you can go ALL in with your make-up: Fake eyelashes, glitters, nails, everything!

You don’t have to strip out of your clothes.
Teasing is perfectly possible with a hat, while taking off a sock, or just with your eyes.
You do what feels right to you.

burlesque workshop
burlesque workshop
burlesque sensual dance

My Burlesque experience
A few years ago a friend asked me if I wanted to join a group of performers to entertain an event. I had no clue what kind of performance it was, but I felt curious and said Yes. I got the role of an angel, in a beautiful Burlesque costume. White corset, huge feather fans, big eyelashes, wide skirt, heels and lots of makeup. I felt BEAUTIFUL! The way the feather fans invited me to dance felt so luscious, so sensual, so natural!
I’d never felt my boobs so far up to my chin and I couldn’t take my eyes off of myself in the mirror. It was like I discovered a new side of myself: a glorious sensual diva!
Nina Beem organized the event and she asked me to make a Burlesque act with her. It felt scary, new and totally awesome at the same time! We made several acts together and performed them in Burlesque shows, on events and in Club Lite. Then I felt ready to make a solo act, at the Amsterdam School of Burlesque. You can do a course there to create your own act! With costumes, props, music, everything.

Burlesque helped me to grow into a woman. At first I was scared as a little girl, climbing the stage on my own. But I did it again and again. My solo act as a parrot was very symbolic. I start my act in a golden cage, feeling scared and small. Then I break out of my cage and show my colours!  I discover my beauty on stage and grow into the beautiful paradise bird that I am. Every time I performed that act, I bloomed a little more!

The thing that touched me the most in the Burlesque scene was the backstage bonding. Helping each other to pull that corset, glueing pasties on each other’s bums or boobies, assisting to climb the stage with huge costumes, props and everything.
All the performers I met are empowering one another. Lifting eachother up!
That’s why I started teaching Burlesque Workshops. To create an empowering and liberating atmosphere for women to celebrate their sensuality and enjoy each other’s beauty!