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“You know babe, I feel super happy!! And actually… That happens really often lately! I just realise it.”
I told Jo two days ago.

When I thought WHY, I discovered a few changes that made a BIG difference.

Step 1 in this process was: Taking a week to notice ALL the things that leak my energy. I usually wake op fúlly energized and ready for the day, but sometimes I feel totally drained at 10am!

My energy leaks:
* THE HOUSEHOLD – I never came to a point where the whole house was tidy, or knew how to keep it that way. A lot of my time went to doing chores in the house, but I never felt like I did enough!
>> HUGE energysucker indeed
* Eating breakfast with gluten/dairy before I felt hungry made me feel really tired early in the morning
* Focussing on the household & taking care of Lóa from the second I step out of our bed
* Feeling the urge évery day to go out and search for nature and kids for Lóa to play with
* Not doing enough things that really nourish & recharge my body and soul
* Feeling guilty about not texting/ calling/ meeting up with my friends enough
* Scrolling on facebook/ checking my smartphone all the time
* Not finishing things I started – leaving the house full of halfly done things
* Blindly following Lóa’s needs during the day without checking what Í want to do
* Feeling a bit isolated – when I want to see people I need to schedule & I don’t like that

Step 2 – turning them in to needs/ solutions:

* hiring a HOUSEKEEPER!!! (heaven!)
* our Forrest tent !!
* Regularly using an old phone instead of a smartphone and leaving my phone at home when I go out
* Only investing in friendships that truely nourish me (even though that’s scary & painful)
* Starting the Massage Club!! (exchanging loving touch with a group of women every 2/3 weeks)
* Tidy up things immediately after using them (big gamechanger)
* Eating a light breakfast, only when I start to feel hungry (fruit, oats)
* Saying STOP! to myself a lot, to check -in the moment- what plan feels right for Lóa ánd myself
* Finishing things I started
* Sometimes deciding NOT to do anything in the household – or waiting until I feel like doing it instead of following the ‘have-to’ push
* Get out of bed really early! So I can enjoy my miracle morning, doing things like writing/ dancing/ working/ gardening before the rest of the fam wakes up
* Using the moment of the day I feel most energized to do things like cooking/ groceries/ working/ laundry (the MORNING)
* Organizing more dinners with friends!! (LOVE IT – and so much easier at the camping)

Step 3: Taking those needs bloody serious!
Espécially our Forrest Tent, housekeeper and the Massage-Club are SUPER essential in my happiness.

Living in nature/ outside parttime, while Lóa can play with kids ALL DAY LONG without me having to go somewhere else is really the most organic and logical way to live! It’s amazing. And eating together with camping friends is also much easier – you don’t need to clean your whole house first, just sit outside – So I do it all the time!

Even though I had such weird beliefs that stopped me from arranging these things..
Here they are:

* We can’t afford a cleaning lady (prioritize, prioritize! in our case)
* I don’t work a lot so I should be able to manage the household & motherhood (which is a fulltime job already)
* I shouldn’t need those things outside of me to feel happy (Spiritual BULLSHIT)
* I’m a lazy and spoiled woman if I hire a housekeeper
* Finding a sistercircle with the same needs is hard (just know what it is you need and they’ll come)
* Only by moving to another house I can be surrounded by nature more (hallelujah for our forrest tent!)

I’m SO happy that I finally got to the bottom of my energy leaks & took care of it!
(Especially as a Projector – Human Design)
It’s like everything is falling in to place – I feel much more FLOW in my life – got a lot more energy and I feel freaking happy a lot of the time!

So to ALL women and mama’s:
You’re SO WORTH to take excellent care of yourself and your needs!
I bet there is something that you can change today that will give you more happiness & flow.