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Wow. I’m still surfing the waves that my JOYday gave me! Pilar Lesko suggests to implement a weekly Joyday. One day a week to follow your joy. The whole day! And avoiding social media, that too.

The idea is that feeding your business, is the same as feeding yourself. If you are taking excellent care of yourself, for instance by following your joy, then you radiate your core frequency and attract more good things to you! You’ll be like a magnet for pleasure, abundance and opportunities.

So you can promote your business with doing something you love! And people will feel it, even if you don’t post about it on social media. You only focuss on your own joy & frequency.

This is something I love to experiment with and I will tell you a beautiful example!

Monday I was awake super early (4:30) and started with a Joe Dispenza meditation. When I was fully awake I felt super inspired to work on my website! So I did that.
When my man (Johan) woke up I had already worked for a few hours and felt super happy with my fruitfull time without being disturbed.
Johan had taken the day off and suggested to go to the swimming pool with our daughter. I said yes.
Then when I was taking my shower, I felt that I actually really longed for more time alone. Like… a whole day!
My first response was: ‘Noooo that’s too much.’
The first thing that I álways do when I long for me-time is think when Johan had a day to himself, as to analyse if I really deserve that day for myself. If it’s all still in balance. It felt like quite a BIG thing to ask for!
But the more I thought about all the possibilities of this yummy JOYday, the more I convinced myself I deserved it.
So I asked Johan if it was okay. And he said yes!
THE SAUNA – that’s what I want’ I thought. AND YOGA!
So I booked a Gentle Flow yogaclass and a ticket for the Sauna. It all felt SO abundant and amazing, to have ALL that time for myself! To spend exactly as I’d like. I had a lot of excitement explosions preparing my day.
– Okay I have to admit that I didn’t plan time alone for a long time, that’s why this felt so special –
I went to the yogaclass, which turned out to be a réally nice one. After that I bought myself a super yummy warm lunch and a piece of chocolate – beetroot cake. (Go try it – at ‘SLA’ really fucking good)
With my lunch in a bag I cycled to the trainstation. There I saw some beautiful clothes in a shop and thought: ‘I’ve got all the time in the world! I’ll just go and try them on.’
In the end I didn’t buy them, but I did find the perfect Sinterklaas shoe-present for my bonus-son, which also made me really happy.
Then I slowly walked to the train and completely enjoyed my lunch on the way to the Sauna.
(Especially the cake)
Once I was in the sauna, I already felt so relaxed and happy that I thought it couldn’t get any better.


Being silent for a few hours was already such a soothing experience. It calmed my mind.
That HEAT in the sauna man, it warmed me up to my bones and it gave me all kinds of yummy sensations. When I realized I could try and play with my energy a bit, I started doing the microcosmic orbit (Tao Breathing Technique). No one noticed what I was doing, but inside of me I felt such subtle tingly warm waves of energy, it was amazing. I don’t know if it’s true but it seemed like the combination of the heat and this breathing technique is a really good one! I could feel the sexual vital energy spreading in really subtle waves.
After some rounds of sauna, delicious icecold baths or showers and some swimming, I felt like chilling and meditating. So I searched for a relaxt spot and found a meditation by Joe Dispenza of an hour. I never did a meditation of 60 minutes before. When do you find the time and will to do that?? But I thought: ‘hack I’ve got all the time in the world!’ So I went for it. This meditation really brought me to a place of total bliss. It’s hard to describe but it felt like wave after wave of blissfull floaty sparkly energy going through my body.
When I was back on earth I went into the sauna again and just bathed in the yumminess.
Then I suddenly felt I wanted to join the singing bowl meditation, so I booked my spot.
Half an hour of beautiful healing sounds made me journey again. When the woman who was playing the bowls started talking again I couldn’t understand which language she was speaking! Only after two sentences I heard it was dutch. Weird! My brain was in chill-mode I think. 

After a last round of sauna I took the train home.

That evening I found out that 4 women booked tickets for my workshops that day. And 2 more the next morning!
It feels like thé example of attracting abundance with feeling pleasure and following your joy.
And I’m still riding the afterwaves! When I have time and feel like it (on my bike, on the couch, making sandwiches, wherever) I do the microcosmic orbit for just a few minutes and the feeling comes back!
A deep warm tingly relaxation.
And álso a lot of energy!

Next week my man has another day off…

hmm… I might just give myself another Joyday…

It pays the bills right!

(picture by Kunal Shinde – unsplash)