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Liquid Motion – Bootycamp

liquid motion bootycamp

140 minutes of Liquidness!!!

A super sparkly evening edition to spice up the holiday season!
(with lots of christmas lights & festive vibes)

– glitters & sexy bodysuits are very welcome –

☆ November 28th ☆ 19:30 – 21:50 ☆ Theater de Nieuwe Regentes ☆

A deep dive into the fundamentals of Liquid Motion®.

About Liquid Motion
Liquid Motion® is a method and style of sensual dance across the floor and against the wall, founded by Jeni Janover.
The amazing thing about this dancestyle is, that you learn each move separately and you learn how to connect the moves. How to glue them together so to say. So you can create your own dance! And you can combine your moves in endless ways, so you can go on and on and ooooon..

Mila is a certified Liquid Motion teacher, so she can teach you the technique behind all the moves, making it easy for you to understand it. Once your body gets used to the moves, you’ll be able to dance in a seamless, organic and hypnotic way. Irresistible to watch and soooo luscious to do! As a result you will expand your sensual-dancemove-vocabulary and feel more free in your body and your dance.

What are we going to do?
You’ll learn supersensual & fluid moves across the floor and against the wall. This Bootycamp will contain different moves than the last one, so if you were there last time, you can join again to expand your Liquidness!

For whom is this class?
For newcomers AND diehard liquid lovers! Men and women. All sizes, bodies and ages. Everyone can learn Liquid Motion!

What to wear?
* Leggings work best for Liquid Motion
* Knee pads – you can borrow them too –
* A cardigan/ sweater  – to take off when you’re warm –
* socks

If you like you can bring your sexy glittery dance clothes/ bodysuit/ leggings.
Whatever makes you feel festive & sensual!

I have to warn you, it’s really addictive!

€30,- pp
€50,- if you bring your friend

Sign up through:

Let’s dance!!!

Love, Mila