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Let’s dance our JUICE alive!

This is a 7 day online journey for women (and everyone who identifies as a woman, or somewhere in between).
In one week you will explore your sensuality, feel the power of the archetypes and get a chance to DANCE and feel your fire!
Dancing with Archetypes is a very powerful method to get deep insights in yourself. Through myths and tales everyone around the world knows the energies of the archetypes. You will use this knowledge inside your body, to awaken parts of yourself that have been dormant. With the right music, rituals and sounds, you can awaken the archetype within you. When all aspects of us are allowed to come out and play, our natural life energy, our JUICE, can flow freely.
That’s when you unique spark shines fully!

Getting to know your inner archetypes, will bring forth a deeper acceptance of all aspects of you. You’ll notice when there’s one knocking your door and you’ll learn ways to express them, so you can keep that juice flowing.

body positivity

Possible effects of the Juice

  • Awakening your sensuality
  • Embodiment
  • Body positivity
  • Lots of energy & vitality
  • Softening & selflove
  • Less stress
  • Spark in your eyes
  • Expanding your orgasmicity
  • Flow
  • Easier to feel and express your boundaries
  • Emotional release
  • Evoking your deep raw power
  • The magical power that comes with dancing with a group
  • Connection with the other participants
  • Easier to just be YOU