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A brave woman told me that the Wall Dance video of a Liquid Motion class I posted, felt like ‘horny porn’ to her. Dancing as horny as possible for a man. It felt cold and empty to her.

I actually like it when people give me such honest feedback. I only see life through my own eyes and when I see a woman dance like that I totally love it. But it can evoke different responses of course!

My answer was:
” The funny thing is, that I pay a lot of attention in my classes to having fun, on dancing for yourself and your own pleasure! Dancing across the floor, with the feathers, against the wall, it’s about experiencing nice sensations. It’s like you’re using the wall and the floor as well to massage your body while dancing.
And the moves look sexy, yes. 
You can choose what you focus on: 
* Dancing for your own pleasure
* Or giving a sexy dance for an audience
The most important thing for me is to create a space where ALL is welcome. A judgement free zone. 
Where you can completely dive in to the Seductress, or Slut Archetype.  There’s so much shame and guilt arount these themes, so much judgement.
I experience sensual/ sexy dance as really empowering and liberating if I feel free to dance it all out. Just because I feel like it! DELICIOUS!
It feels playful, free and powerful.

What I notice in my classes is that it’s super liberating for women to show their sexiness to other women as well. First it’s scary, then awkward and then the FUN starts!! I see women teasing, laughing, shining and taking up their space.

A dance solely danced for someone else, CAN feel empty and cold. I’ve seen those dances as well. It’s what most people associate with stripclubs. BUT it doesn’t have to be! If you actually enjoy the reaction of your audience and you love how this person receives your dance, it can actually give you lots of pleasure and power! You dance for your own pleasure AND for the pleasure of the person watching. An experience like this can be truely enriching, warm and in connection with your body.”

The paradox here is that sexy moves actually come from the way a woman naturally moves when she enjoys her body. Feeling her body and skin with her hands, slooowly moving with all of her attention, circling her hips, whirling her head… It all comes from pleasure!
So of course these movements feel amazing when you do them! My body LOVES to snake and whirl and flow. It feels organic!
It awakens my sensuality, my juice, makes me feel alive.
Even when I start my day super grumpy, tired and overall shit, I ALWAYS walk out of the sensual dance class feeling amazing. Always.

So even though a lot of people associate Sexy Dance with pleasing someone else and giving yourself away, it’s actually the most YUMMY style of dance I know, since it brings forth a lot of pleasure for yoursélf, the dancer! And isn’t that super empowering? Doing something for your own pleasure?
Enjoying your body and ALL you can do with it? 

I think the big difference is in how much you’re IN your body while you dance. How much you’re really sensing your moves, feeling every inch of your dance. How much you allow yourself to totally shamelessly enjoy yourself and your sensual expression. Instead of only focussing on what lóoks beautiful or sexy. Or how you should move to evoke a response.

When I see a woman fully going for it, doing her sexy thing with that wild and naughty sparkle in her eyes, my whole body responds. I can totally feel her dance and her vibe and it turns me on! It’s the most beautiful thing to watch, a woman liberating her sexiness. And it awakens the desire to feel free in my dance and sensuality as well!

So I say:  Let’s claim back our sexiness!