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As you step into the playground of the Archetypes, you will experience that each one of them holds a part of your Juice, your unique life force. A vital part of you that longs to flow through you, to be a part of your life. If an archetype is dormant in you, part of your life force and vitality is not available to you.

For instance, if you are afraid of your deepest desires, if they seem to only hurt you, because you don’t trust that what you desire will come to you, you can start to repress it. That feeling of deeply deeply longing for something, is part of the Maiden’s power.
Imagine a little girl, dreaming about beautiful things. She is completely one with her vivid imagination and she trusts that life will bring her exactly what she wants. There’s no question about it! She dares to ask, she dares to receive. It’s her nature. Her heart is open, she gives and receives love in all kinds of ways. It’s a natural cycle. It feels amazing to her to desire something, because that desire sparks a fire inside of her. It gives her new energy! It starts as a spark, then it becomes a flower bud, then the flower opens up and fills her body up with a wonderful feeling. Every time she fantasizes about it, she is creating it.
Or maybe she just jumps up and makes it happen.

If you repress your dreams and desires, you can (unconsciously) repress the Maiden inside of you. With that, your heart closes a little. The Maiden is asleep, with all of her amazing qualities. When you hear these sentences in your head regularly, it can be a sign that your Maiden is repressed:
☆ I will never find my true love
☆ My job doesn’t need to be my passion, I have my hobbies.
☆ When I expect the worst, the outcome can only be better and I won’t be disappointed.
☆ If I can’t afford it right now, why would I go and fantasize about it?!
☆ Desiring something outside myself is bad, I should find everything inside myself.
☆ I will never be rich.
☆ It’s just not there for me.

These can be signs that your heart got hurt at a certain point and/or that you felt deeply disappointed. To survive in that moment, you closed your heart and repressed the Maiden. Which is totally understandable and it helped you then. You needed to do that in that moment, to survive and keep on going. (Please don’t judge yourself for it)
And now you are older and the situation is different. But those dreams are still lingering inside of you..
Somewhere deep down there is that rosebud, waiting to bloom and fill you up with an amazing fragrance.
Are you curious to know what it smells like? Do you long to feel how it will ignite your spark? Do you want it to bring you to life?
Desire is such a beautiful pushing force. It makes you jump UP in the morning and make shit happen!
It’s what connects you to your spark, your juice, your purpose.
It’s your drive to bring your gifts to the world.

If you long to liberate your Maiden ánd your ability to dream, desire and receive,
you are very welcome to join ’the Juice – an online dance journey’. We will dance with 5 different archetypes, for 7 days, with a beautiful group of women, in the week before the Full Moon!

It all starts with a desire..