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This just feels so freakin’ important!

I showed a circle of women the first minute of this video, that I find deeply inspiring.
Then I asked them: When did you feel so playful, sexy & free?

Each woman shared her experience:
* How this actually made her sad, because this is nót the dutch culture – here you’re often harshly judged for expressing your sensuality
* How she feels such a strong feminine essence inside, that she has to suppress
* That she wants to BE this woman, but she’s also frightened to be like her
* That there are very few ‘judgement-free’ places where a woman’s sexuality is celebrated (like in the video)

Whoaaaa I realise again HOW important it is that more and more women come home to their bodies!!
That they return to their playful sexiness, their pleasure, their JOY!!
Because that’s freakin’ contagious!

When a woman feels pleasure, she radiates.

When she is totally enjoying her dance, swaying her hips, shaking her breasts, she GLOWS!

So FIND those places where you are free to dance, be sexy and celebrate your sensuality. Together with other women!

Create this HUGE juicy bubble and infect other women with your joy.

Wear your femininity with pride, in a way that suits yóu.

Start your own dance circle, or go twerking, bellydancing, or Sensual-Dance-Flow-ing!

And make damn sure it’s a judgement-free-zone.

We’ve been cut off from out bodies & sexuality for so many lives.

RIGHT NOW is the time to claim back our pleasure!!

It’s my big passion to create this sexy-judgement-free-zone with every danceclass, workshop or retreat I organize.

Let’s spread that JUICE together!!